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Who We Are
Commitment, Quality & Service

Who We Are

Every Employee at Fusion Oilfield Services, LLC./Fusion Flow Control, LLC. is committed to providing our customers with excellent job quality and superior customer service. We have over 50 plus years of combined experience specializing in delivering cased-hole wireline services to oil and gas exploration and production companies and we offer a complete line of services and options to meet our customer needs.

Our flow control division provides a wide range of production services to land based exploration and production customers operating in unconventional resource plays and conventional basins throughout Texas, Louisiana. Arkansas. Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado.

What We Do

Our objective is to provide the safest and most efficient wireline services in the industry. Fusion Oilfield Services, LLC works diligently to acquire and maintain the best equipment in the area. We also value employee training opportunities to make certain Fusion is on the leading edge of new completion and production technology and techniques. We will continue to expand our fleet capacity and service offerings in order to provide innovative solutions in pipe recovery, pump down perforating, cased hole logging and completion services while adhering to our Company values.

    • Formation Evaluation
    • Gamma Ray/Collar Log
    • Cement Bond Log (including Slim Hole)
    • Dual Receiver Bond Log
    • Radial Bond Log
    • Large Diameter Casing Bond Log
    • Casing Evaluation
    • Multi-finger Caliper
    • Magnetic Thickness
    • Production Logging
    • Temperature Log
    • Flowmeter
    • Array Flowmeter
    • FluidDensity
    • Tracer
    • Injection Profile
    • Noise Log
    • Well Integrity Loggin
    • LeakPoint
    • FlowPoint
    • High Temp/Pressure
    • Production Logging
    • Injection Profiling
    • Reservoir Monitoring
    • Pump Down Services
    • Tractor Services
    • Staged Frac Work
    • Point Diagnostics
    • Storage Well Logging
    • Horizontal Plug / Perf Services
    • Stage Perforating
    • Pressure Switch Systems
    • Addressable Switch Systems
    • Casing Gun Systems
    • Circulating/Drain Hole
    • Tubing Conveyed Perforating
    • Electromagnetic Oriented Perforating
    • Safe Fire Addressable Switch System *available upon request*
    • Eccentric Perforating
    • Expendable and Slick Gun Perforating
    • Retrievable Tubing Gun Perforating
    • Shooting Gamma Ray Perforating
    • Strip Gun Perforating (0 Degree or Spiral)
    • RF Safe Perforating Systems
    • High Temperature Applications up to 500 degrees
    • Horizontal Pump Down and High Angle Services
    • Depth Determination
    • Gauge Ring/Junk Basket
    • Setting Services (BridgePlug, Packer, Retainer)
    • Dump Bailer
    • Hoisting Services
    • Packer, Wide Range Plug Setting Services
    • Cement, Sand and Acid Bailer Services
    • Retrievable Bridge Plugs, Cast Iron Bridge Plugs
    • Free Point Indicator
    • Stuck Pipe Log
    • Back-Off Services
    • Chemical Cutter
    • Jet Cut
    • Circulating Shots
    • Severing Tools
    • Drill Collar Severing Tool
    • Slim Hole Services
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Meet Our Team

50+ years of combined experience

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Our Address

Our Address

Physical Address:

7630 US HWY 79 South
Palestine, TX 75801

Mailing Address:

PO Box 192
Palestine, TX 75802

Field Office:

7350 Julie Frances Dr
Shreveport, LA 71129

Our Phones

Our Phones

Wireline Division:

Phone: 903-538-2915
Fax: 903-558-2237

Field Office:

Phone: 318-683-4737
Fax: 318-683-4738

About Us

About Us

With over 50 plus years combined experience specializing in delivering cased-hole wireline services to oil and gas exploration and production companies, we offer a complete line of services and option to meet our customer needs.